Sleeved Varieties

These herb varieties are available in sleeved pots from most supermarkets and grocery stores, and in unsleeved pots from nurseries, garden centres, and selected stores.

Basil | Sweet

Sweet basil is a versatile herb with a wonderful aroma & taste. Delicious flavouring for green salads, tomato dishes, pasta & pizza. Basil also features in pesto sauce. Add to soups and casseroles during the last moments of cooking & use also as a garnish for salads, soups & sandwiches.

POSITION Full Sun | HEIGHT 50-60cm | WIDTH 25cm | AVAILABLE All Year

Chives | Common

The thin cylindrical leaves have a hint of onion flavour. Use leaves to flavour fish, potato, soup, stews, salads, sauces, butters, vinegars, eggs and as a garnish. Rich in Vitamin A & C, calcium and iron.

POSTION Full Sun | HEIGHT 30-51cm | WIDTH 10-15cm | AVAILABLE All Year


Otherwise known as ‘Cilantro’ or ‘Chinese Parsley’, Coriander has a fragrance reminiscent of citrus peel. Both the leaves and seed collected from the plant can be used for culinary purposes. Use leaves in sauces, soups, curries, salads and meats. Seeds can be used in soups, stews, ham, pork, Indian cuisine and pickles. A good source of iron and magnesium, Coriander also aids digestion, has cholesterol lowering effects and is anti-inflammatory.

POSITION Full Sun | HEIGHT 50cm | WIDTH 20-30cm | AVAILABLE All Year

Mint | Garden

This very popular Asian herb has peppery and pungent leaves with a strong menthol taste. Fresh or dried leaves can be used to add flavour to salads, desserts, ice cream, soups, fish, dressings and jellies. Can also be used in herbal tea and drinks. Mint is considered to be a natural antiseptic. Water often for lush fresh growth.

POSITION Full Sun | HEIGHT 60cm | WIDTH 25cm | AVAILABLE All Year

Parsley | Afro

This very popular herb is a hardy biennial that is easy to grow. Parsley is a hungry plant once established, so regular feeding will ensure you get plenty of healthy green sprigs to harvest. Fresh foliage can be used to flavour soups, salads, vegetables, pasta, sauce and eggs dishes, or as a garnish. Foliage can also be frozen or dried but some flavour will be lost. Extremely high in Vitamin C and iron, an excellent source of Vitamin A & K and high in antioxidants. Regular consumption is beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

POSITION Full Sun to Part Shade | HEIGHT 30-45cm | WIDTH 15cm |

Parsley | Italian

Italian Parsley has plain flat leaves and a stronger, sweeter flavour than normal curled parsley. This versatile herb can be used with stews, stocks, sauces, salad, chicken, egg, pasta, Italian dishes, stuffing and as a garnish. Rich in Vitamins A, B, and C, iron and calcium. Aids digestion, freshens breath and stimulates the appetite. These tasty herbs prefer well drained soils, and should be fed regularly during the growing season.

POSITION Full sun | HEIGHT 45-60cm | WIDTH 10cm | AVAILABLE All Year