Benefits of a Soil-less Mix

Though many gardeners may use their common backyard soil to grow many plant varieties around their house and property, it is not advisable or suggested for herbs.


This is purely for the drainage factor alone. With many varieties all with differing moisture, nutrition, aeration, and vigor requirements, it is essential that the correct properties are provided in the pot media.

Soils may drain well in the garden but in a pot the walls restrict movement of the water through the soil column. By having a more open mix, made up of Coir (Coconut fibre), Peat Moss and Perlite this allows water to move freely and allows plant growth and root development to thrive.


Our soil-less mix allows the herb plants to be grown inside for the convenience of close proximity to your cooking and an easy harvest.

To achieve full accreditations of growing fresh produce at Australian standards, edible products are required to be fully grown in a soil-less media.


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