Safe Quality Food (SQF)


The 'Hidden Valley Herbs' brand is accredited with the SQF 1000 Level 3 Quality Code. This accreditation certifies our herbs with a comprehensive food safety and quality management system. The Safe Quality Food standard is a food safety standard that specifies system requirements necessary to identify food safety and quality risks.

In simple terms, our herbs have been checked out by Australian safety standards, and are certified to be safe and quality assured. Not only are we registered to grow and produce fresh herbs, but we find ourselves the only nursery accredited to sell 'living potted produce' under this banner.

Holding this certification means we have a commitment to producing a safe, quality food product, and ensures you can be confident in a consistent outcome. Now you can rest assured you're in safe hands when you purchase a 'Hidden Valley' herb.

Soil-less Growing Media Accreditation

All Hidden Valley Herbs use a soil-less potting media from an approved, certified and accredited supplier with fixed specifications to ensure a consistent, high quality product is achieved every time.

Soil-less growing media means avoiding the use of soil, which is heavy in matter, inconsistent in properties, and a great zone in which many organisms can thrive, which may contaminate the product. Soil-less media is designed to be contaminant free for containerised products ensuring consistency is achieved precisely to suit the crop desired.